This song seems to touch people in various ways, leaving them feeling sad and rejuvenated, all at the same time.  I always felt that as one year ended and another began it was a great time for assessment.

If you're reading this around the New Year, I wish you the very best for a happy and healthy one.

But don't despair is this happens to NOT be around the new year.  We should celebrate EVERY SINGLE NEW DAY!

The philosopher Lao Tzu said:

"If you are DEPRESSED, you are living in the PAST...

If you feel ANXIOUS, you are living in the FUTURE...

If you are at PEACE, you are living in the PRESENT."

Pretty good words.

So celebrate this new day, regardless of what day it happens to be! 

Happy New Day!                      

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Might as well share one for the other side...

Happy New Year to ALL!