My name is Cather and I was married to the greatest man in the whole wide world!  Oh, how I loved him - LOVE him!

My life and my happiness revolved around him.  Each day when he came home, my life was finally complete.

But then one day he DIDN'T come home.  

He was a fisherman out of Atlantic City, and a right good hand on board.  He kept the log too.  Everybody loved him... perhaps that's why they treat me so kindly now.

A storm came up.  The Coast Guard got all the ships back to harbor safely, all except one.  They searched and they searched, but his ship couldn't be found.

Now each day I go to the spit of sand that overlooks the great Atlantic Ocean and I wait, wait for any sign.  A sign of him.  I sign of his ship.


But nothing ever comes in except the tide...


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