Yes, Merry Christmas!  And take no offense if you happen to celebrate other Holidays... have a happy and Merry, regardless of what you happen to call the day.

My name's Agent Tiki Gibbs, although I've been out of The Agency and on my own now for over a year at the time of this book, the second in the Perception Series, entitled "Perception Is Deception".

I've just gotten married and we're on our honeymoon down in Florida at the beginning of this book.  I was doing very well, leaving business at home and enjoying my time with my wife - just like I promised I would, would fate lent a hand and changed all that!

Just when I thought I had it all figured out in my search for the Professor's students and the Captain's crew, I uncover some new information that turns the whole case upside down!

Just who ARE these people?

Read all about it in Perception Is Deception!                       

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