How's it going, sport?

My name's Captain James Kidd, but most folks call me Captain Jimmy or just plain Captain.  I was once captain of the good ship and crew of the T'Pol Ray, but that was before the 'accident'.

Damn shame too, because my crew and I were out for a paying fare and looking to make a buck, just like anybody else.  Miners by trade, we saw taking a bunch of highfalutin college students on a class trip as some easy money.  I mean, it had to be easier than drilling through rocks on some God-forbidden planet, right?

It was an easy fare too, until the accident.  Something went wrong on our approach - my own damn fault - and we had a ship's malfunction.  Some say it was an accident, but I say it wasn't.

No matter, it was all we could do to navigate safely to the surface of your Earth.  We did it, but not without cost.  We lost five of our people during the escape from our ship.  

That was my fault, too, because I over loaded one of the life craft.  I managed to launch the extra life craft back into space on the direction we came in hopes it would continue to transmit our whereabouts and our dilemma.  But we were well off the normal space charts and I should have known better than to risk our people.

Yet that very risk ended up giving us the best hope for rescue.  You can read all about it in Perception Is Reality!



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Yes, you can read more about the Captain of the T'Pol Ray in "Perception Is Reality Book" available through Amazon... the best company on planet Earth!  

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