I'm Professor Patrick Townsend.  Most know me as 'The Professor' or perhaps 'Professor Pat'.  I'm the one responsible for this whole cockamamie idea in the first place.  If not for me and my crackpot notion, none of this would have ever taken place.

I had a wonderfully gifted group of students and I wanted to give them a send of to remember me by, as I had already taken on other work.  That's why I defied the Dean wishes and embarked on this adventure.  I knew I was leaving anyway, so even if they wanted to fire me, it wouldn't matter all that much to me.

I wanted to go out a legacy.  You can see how I man like me would like to make a mark, can't you?  Okay, so I took a little risk, and I did so with students.  They were all of age.  I didn't force them to go - I gave them the OPPORTUNITY to go.  And many took me up on it.

I know that doesn't get me off the hook entirely.  After all, it was totally my idea, right from the start.  But I have tried to make up for it as best I could.  I built the equipment used to contact the rescue ship.  I tapped into the radio telescopes on The Big Island.

And I basically organized the hiring of Agent Gibbs to search for our people.  You see, once we crash landed on your Earth, we were taken prisoner and held for many years by your authorities.  We were lucky to escape, and once we did, we scattered in hopes that separate we would be harder to find. 

That worked well.  We got away.  But now with the rescue ship coming, we need the best there is at finding people to do just that and find our people.

Read about those exploits in Perception Is Reality

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