I wouldn't normally put a dedication on my web pages, because that sort of thing is usually relegated to my actual books, but in this case this is appropriate because none of this would be possible without the people noted here.  I'll start with my wife, Dianna, because she is the one who has to put up with me while I write my stories.  Lord knows I'm a tough enough pill to swallow normally, but when I write, well, let's just say I'm lucky and happy that she is willing to put up with me. 

Then there is my son, Fred Gibson III - an aspiring accountant, and Lillie Fisher - an aspiring sign language specialist - who both came to the rescue at a time when I had fallen and was going to give up the idea of finishing these books.  Their sage advice not only got me back on track (because I had forgotten why I was writing in the first place) but also inspired me to believe that we need writers.  I can't thank them enough for injecting me with the faith of youth... at a time when I was feeling quite old.  

The UNIT BGers from "The Agency"

The entire Perception Is Reality five book series is dedicated to the people I used to work with, the Members of Unit BG and the associate members of our group.  These people were simply the BEST.  I relied on them countless times and they would always come through to get me out of a jam or maybe just to supply a smile when one was desperately needed.  I would mention them each by name here, but I prefer to bring them up one by one in the stories themselves.  BGers, I believe you'll recognize yourselves as you appear in the stories, and when you do, I hope you'll smile.  Much thanks, Big Guys and Beautiful Gals!  Live long and prosper!