I didn't invent this concept by any means, but I'm getting more and more involved with it.  So much so, that I'm starting a not for profit initiative concerning this very thing.


The idea in a nutshell is this:  "IF YOU HAVE AT LEAST 5 MINUTES, 5 DOLLARS, OR 5 FRIENDS, HERE ARE SOME WAYS TO DO SOME GOOD."  This list expands and contracts on a regular basis.  If you are looking to do a little help for the world and avoid doing harm, have a look at this list. 


And, of course, this list basically is compiled by people just like you, sending me your ideas and things that work.  So, please do not hesitate to send me your ideas and thoughts on this subject.  I'll list as many of them as possible!  By the way, this site is not all that "political", so please keep your suggestions more or less on the - shall we say "Grass Roots" level!  Thanks!  I don't care of you are an "R" or a "D", "Blue" or "Red", Black, white, gray, or tan... liberal or conservative... whatever.  'k?  :-)




>>>Rally your friends to support a good cause!  Last year bloggers formed an online version of a "walk-a-thon" and raised over a quarter million dollars for DonorsChoose.org, an organization that funds public school teacher's requests for classroom materials.  If you're like me, you are appalled that our teachers have to request classroom materials in this way, but at least there's an effort out there trying to help out.  Get YOUR people together and see what YOU can come up with!  Chances are there's a ton of good ideas waiting to be thought up but someone just like yourself. 


>>>Join a neighborhood volunteer group.  Many such groups exist - or you can create one of your own!  These groups can do anything from planting gardens to teaching people how to "green" their homes.  And you can have some fun along the way... and do some good!  Use your imagination!




>>>Random acts of kindness department.  Check out the site Kinded.com and print out a card.  Thendo something nice for a stranger and folow that up by handing the stranger the card.  The stranger can then go online and note where this event happened... and then do a kindness himself and pass the card again!  I love this idea and I'm looking to put something like this together on this site, so check back later and see what I've cooked up!  :-)


20 cent bonus... 5 Things to fit global warming... (By the way, the Polar Ice Caps ARE shrinking, regardless of what may or may not be causing it... Denial is no way to go through Life)


1) Wash clothes in COLD or WARM water... NOT HOT!


2) Replace standard light bulbs with compact flourescent light bulbs


3) Replace old appliances with energy efficient models


4) Adjust your thermostat... lower in Winter, higher in Summer


5) Take a walk now and then... easier on your vehicle and better for your body.




>>>More than 10% of all the money invested in the stock market is now invested in socially responsible funds.  Go to Socialinvest.org to see how to shift your dollars to match your values.