If you ever go back in the Wooly Swamp,

Son, you better not go at NIGHT!

There's things out there 

In the middle of them woods

That'd make a strong man die from fright.

There's things that crawl and things that fly

And things that creep around on the ground.

And they say that the ghost of Lucias Clay

Gets up and he walks around!

But I couldn't believe it,

I just had to find out for myself.

And I couldn't conceive it,

I never would listen to nobody else!

No, I couldn't believe it,

I just had to find out for myself...

That there's some things in this world

You just can't explain.

The old man lived in the Wooly Swamp

Way back in Gurgling Woods.

He never did do a lot of harm in the world

But he never did do no good.

People didn't think too much of him

They all thought he acted funny.

The old man didn't care about people anyway

All he cared about was his money.

He stuff it all down into Mason jars

And bury it all around.

But in certain nights

If the moon was right

He'd dig it up out of the ground.

He'd pour it all out

On the floor of his shack

And run his fingers through it.

Old Lucias Clay was a greedy old man...

And that's all there was to it.


The Crayton boys were white trash

Lived over in Parvis Creek.

They were mean as a snake

And sneaky as a cat

And belligerent when they'd speak.

One night the oldest brother said,

"Ya'll meet me in the Wooly Swamp later,

We'll get old Lucias' money,

And feed him to the alligators.

They found the old man in the back

With a shovel in his hand.

Thirteen rusty Mason jars

He just dug up out of the sand.

They all went crazy

and they beat the old man

Then they picked him up off of the ground.

Then they threw him the swamp

And stood there and laughed

As the black water sucked him down.

Then they turned around

And went back to the shack

Picked up the money and ran.

They hadn't gone nowhere

When they realized

They were running in quicksand.

And they struggled and screamed

But they couldn't get away

Then just before they went under

They could hear that old man laughing

In a voice as loud as thunder!

Now, that's been fifty years ago

And if you go back there yet

There's a spot in the yard

In back of that shack

Where the ground is always wet.

And on certain nights

When the moon is right

And you're down that dark footpath

You can hear three young men screaming...

And you can hear one old man luagh!\



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