Okay, I know this is difficult to believe or understand, but all THEY can see is the above notation, "PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION".  I don't know how or why, but they are ALL color blind and can't see certain shades of blue at all, so all they see is a blank page!  And that allows me to communicate with you relatively safely.  Strangely enough, I learned this from my PARROT, who goes everywhere I go and always will.  They kept remarking about the odd colored markings on the parrot and how that was typical of so many birds in that family.  I finally realized that they couldn't see certain shades of blue, and realized that I could communicate with you through SECRET massages I can embed on this page. 

Now, it's not like I'm being held against my will - not yet anyway, although I suppose if they found out I was trying to secretly communicate with you that little detail might change!  I'm also not completely free to come and go as I please either.  I'd like to get out of here one day soon and I'll need your help to manage that feat. 


That's important to remember.  YOU might be my only hope of survival!  Okay, a little about me, so you can see how I got into this situation.  I'm a newly retired former chief researcher for a rather substantial branch of our government.  I specialized in finding people who didn't want to be found.  I know that's why I became a target for THEM.  You see, the top dog, the CAPTAIN, wants me to track down the rest of his crew.  I don't know too much about all of them yet, except they are spread out all over this nation.

They got that way after the crash, the abduction, and the eventual escape. 

That much information I got on the first day I met THEM.  They were willing to share that much right away.  But there's more... much more! 

Originally there were 96.  If my understanding of it is correct, 5 died when they had to escape from the ship... but look, I have all that written down and I'd like to send it to you via email.  And I can keep you updated as I go with more email that I can send to you on a more or less regular basis. 

Please click here and I'll send you what I have so far

THANKS... you may have just saved my life!