Hi, my name's Fred Gibson, Jr.

I'm a writer.  

Nice to meet you, Reader!

All I ever wanted to do was write.  Some kids want to be a Fireman, a Policeman, or a Marine when they grow up.  For me a Writer was my one and only dream.

Life has a way of whittling away at your dreams and all those things you want to be.  If you're like most people, Life has probably done that to you too.  If not, consider yourself mighty lucky.  Before I knew it I had a wife, a son, a dog. a house with a little fence all around it to keep the dog and the son safe... and a 9 to 5 job to pay for it all.  I refer to it as "The Job".  

I did "The Job" for 25 years.  I'm not going to complain about it.  It payed the bills and helped me raise a family.  It helped me earn a living, but it didn't help me have a Life.  I made sort of a deal with God or myself or whoever you want to think it was, that I would make it through 25 years of "The Job", then I would write.  The reason I believe this deal was with God (no offense to anyone who thinks "making a deal with God" is some kind of "bad" thing.  I'm not all that religious, but I'm pretty comfortable with my particular faith - I call it "Gibsonian" - and maybe I'll write about that one day!) was because I almost died one fine afternoon a couple decades ago.

I could hear the doctors saying things like, "we're losing him" and I casually knew it was some form of me they were talking about.  But my topic of interest was a much stronger voice.  The Voice, firm and steady, asked me a simple question: "Why haven't you done what I put you here to do?"  The Voice wasn't really angry, It was more like disappointed.  I tried to reason with the Voice, stating that I couldn't write because I wasn't making enough money writing and I had a family to support, so I had to work "The Job".  The voice was unpersuaded and asked again, "Why are you not writing as you were put on the Earth to do?"

I had a distinct feeling that I was going to die, I truly did.  Maybe this was some sort of Judgement Day for me.  So... I made this deal with the Voice.  I asked if He could see His way clear to let me work "The Job" for 25 years and retire, upon retirement I would do my very best to write anything and everything He might want me to.  I mean, that's a deal, right?  That's why I refer to it as a deal, even though the few people I've shared that story with over the years found it anywhere from blasphemous to just plain nuts.  

The 25 years came and went.  I got my 25 years on "The Job" and now it is time for me to uphold my end of the rest of the bargain.  So I write.  

A writer without a reader seems to have little purpose to me.  That's where you come in.  You see, I need you very badly.  I want you to be a reader of my stuff, and I know how pressed for time you are.  I have to write things that are worth your TIME to read.  That's what I make every effort to do.  

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  I'd like to tell you more about STORIES YOU'LL WANT TO READ AND HEAR!  Please click here or the WRITER tab above.  Thanks!  I truly appreciate it, and I'll always make you a promise to write stuff that is worth your time to read.  Hey, seems I've made another deal, this one with YOU! 


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