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My name is Tiki Gibbs, but you can just go with Mr. Gibbs and we'll get along just fine.  I need you to understand something about this Email Newsletter.  This is a totally unique experience and opportunity for you.  In this Newsletter you can actually communicate with the people you are reading about and listening to in my stories!  I don't know of ANY other writer who allows you to ask the people he is writing about questions!

How much more real for you can I make it?

There's no charge!  The Newsletter has always been free - and always will be.  It comes with membership in my readers and listeners club, The Searchers For The Survivors Of the T'Pol Ray, which is also free to my first 2,000 members.

Look, we are in a rather unusual situation, you and I.  We have people - oh, very SPECIAL people to be sure, but still PEOPLE - who need our help.  They need to find the missing members of their crew.  Somewhere out there someone - maybe YOU - is working with a strange and odd person.  That person may be one of the people we are searching for!

But they can't be found without OUR help.  YOU AND I can work towards an amicable solution to their problem.  What do we get in return?  Well, I sell books depicting the INVESTIGATIONS that have been conducted.  YOU get to ask them questions... and you get to interact with some HIGHLY UNUSUAL PEOPLE.

I don't want you to waste time fretting over this.  I've made it as easy as possible.  Just click HERE and check off that you want to start receiving the EMAIL NEWSLETTER.  It's FREE, it's EASY... and if you want it to stop coming, you can just send me an EMAIL at any time to cancel.  

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Fred Gibson, Jr.

Photo-Journalist - Perception Is Reality Project