P. O. Box 1331

Merchantville, N. J. 08109


American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) # 1082841

Vulcan Riders and Owners Club (VROC) # 30954

Riders Of Kawasaki (ROK) # ROK100024419

Member: National Society of Newspaper Columnists

International Freelance Photographers Organization

(IFPO) Membership # 32295

Picture Stock PRESS Photographer # 6893700170

Qualifying Times (QT) Staff Photographer

Government Status: HSS-4-GS-13 (Retired)

Current Government Duty: CLASSIFIED

Okay, those are some of my credentials.  I've been around some, so I know pretty much what I'm doing... and what I'm not doing.  As I said on the home page, I DON'T DO "PEOPLE PICTURES"!  No weddings, no birthdays, no reunions, no nothing with people!

But if you have a jazzy automobile and want it immortalized, I'm your man!  If you motorcycle shines so bright it would blind a person, I'm the one to call.  I love cars, especially classic cars, but I also love to photograph newer rides.  

It's the same for motorcycles.  I love them, new or classic, and I love to immortalize them for all of time. 

I specialize in PHOTO BOOKS.  Man, nothing looks better than having you pride and joy captured in beautiful photography and placed in a coffee table book for all your guests to see!  That's what I do best.  I do it because I LOVE it.  I love the cars, and I love to ride bikes.  We share the same passion, you and I. 

My VROC buddies have their motto, "NO RULES".  That's it, man, no rules, no restrictions!  These rides are our freedom!  They're our escape.  They're a big part of what makes us uniquely human.

Contact me.  Let immortalize your wheels in photography!  You'll be glad you did, because satisfaction is always guaranteed!  

I also like to photograph pets and other animals.  How we treat the creatures we share our planet with says a lot about us.  Our pets are sharing our lives, but only for so long.  We cherish them, and they, too, need to be immortalized in PHOTO BOOKS!