My Candidacy for President of the United States!


1)    Who should you vote for?    
     A)   You should vote REPUBLICAN if you are a rich businessman, or if you are stupid enough to think that by giving a rich businessman more money by paying less in taxes, he will turn around and hire more people with his new found riches, (by the way, if you are stupid enough to believe this, you are stupid enough!) 
     B)   You should vote DEMOCRAT if you refuse to work and you have decided that for some reason you deserve the rest of society to give you money and benefits while you do nothing, or if you are stupid enough to think that giving people money and benefits for doing absolutely nothing will somehow get them to become productive, self fulfilling, profitable members of society (by the way, if you are stupid enough to believe this, you are stupid enough!) 
     C)   You should vote for FRED GIBSON, JR if you fit neither of the above categories, you are an American, you work for a living, you believe this country is great because it’s people MADE it that way (from the founding fathers until today), you believe that RICH PEOPLE should be their fair share in taxes, you believe POOR PEOPLE should be given a helping hand but not a handout, you believe we should defend this country FROM this country, and you believe that it’s high time big business should be forced to hire AMERICANS and stop sending the jobs overseas.   

2)    What will I do once elected? 
     A)   Bring the soldiers home from the Middle East and wherever else they may be.  
     B)   Institute an across the board “flat and fair tax” where every American pays the same PERCENTAGE of their income as every other American.  (What could be fairer than that?) 
     C)   Initiate huge tariffs on goods coming INTO this country that are so high that it no longer is cost effective for corporate America to have their goods made overseas and sent back here.  The end result would be that more AMERICANS will get their jobs back. 
     D)   Do anything and everything to repair, rebuild, reconstitute this nation’s infrastructure INCLUDING an energy policy that uses EVERYTHING at our disposal to get off of foreign oil and eventually off of oil altogether. 
     E)    Rethink our unemployment and welfare programs with the expressed and specific purpose of getting anyone who is on these programs into a JOB and funding these programs WITH JOBS, perhaps from the aforementioned infrastructure improvements! 
     F)    Make this country BUILD WHAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS WITHIN OUR OWN BORDERS!  These are the jobs needed for AMERICANS! 
     G)   Create a war on illegal drugs that are addicting AMERICANS every day! 
     H)   Have a job for every AMERICAN so all can work, unless medically proven that he is disabled and can NOT work.    

3)    When will I run? 
     A) I will run for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IN 2012   

4)    Where will I run? 
     A) Everywhere, including your home town!   

5)    Why will I run? 
     A) Because I can not in good conscious vote for a Republican or a Democrat again in my life.   

6)    How will I get elected? 
     A)   You will write me in.  You will do so because you, like me, will no longer be able to in good conscious vote for a Republican or a Democrat again.  You don’t need “hope” or “change” or “Tea” or “Liberals” or “Conservatives”… you need an AMERICAN to straighten out America!